Are you driving your dog crazy?

Here are 5 Things you do that drive your dog CRAZY!

1) Communicating to your dog through words:

You're at the shelter getting ready to adopt a new dog and you know they've probably been adopted before but you're confidant you will have success. One of the worries you have is "renaming" your new pup to a name that you like and them not accepting it? You're thinking, will this confuse them when it comes to training or calling your dog? Well guess what? They really don't care what language you use to speak to them. They don't recognize English, Spanish or even Chinese because they don't hear words as "words" just sounds.

It's kind of like spelling the word out in front of your pup hoping they don't respond to "w-a-l-k" or "l-e-a-s-h". You're dogs are not fooled by this. Dogs often sense a deeper meaning than the words you use. They also read your body language, which is why you can't lie to a dog. When you speak to a dog you must speak from the inside, within your mind, heart and body.

2) You treat your dog like a child:

We've all been to a friends house that simply adores their pup and hangs pictures all over the house and has embroidered toys with the pups name on them scattered throughout the living room. Where every conversation starts with my dog Copper has this or that or does this or does that. Well, your pup is not under that illusion at all. They're a dog and want to behave as one. It's just in their DNA.

And like all dogs, they want to run, chase and even nose around the yard tracking a faint smell that came through last night. Your fur baby is a pack animal and needs structure and discipline in their life to feel fulfilled and not become frustrated. There is absolutely nothing wrong with showing your dog love, just remember to follow these simple steps: first exercise, then discipline, then affection.

3) Your dog doesn't have a job and they're bored:

I've heard from many people about the aggravating things their pups do from chewing the carpet, running in circles or even showing sudden aggression.

Well the answer is, your dogs getting bored...and wants something to do. Dogs aren't born expecting to be waited on hand and foot with great meals when they are hungry - no creature in the animal world is. In the wild, from the time they are babies, dogs have always had to work for their food. It's either hunt it down or go hungry.

Dogs have been bred over the centuries for different jobs such as herding cattle, hunting and even hauling. When their natural instinct is denied they become frustrated. And that is typically when they start to show signs of aggressive behavior. So the solution is.... give your dog a job! Put a pack on their back when you go for walks or even create an obstacle course in the yard so they can put their tracking sense to use. You'll see just how happy it makes them overall.

4) You're acting like a play date Not a pack leader:

Most dog parents know the importance of being a pack leader from the time you bring the new pup into the house. The scenario, you just got off of work and head to the back patio to relax. Your pup follows you and signals they are ready to play. Next thing you know, you and your dog are racing around the backyard with a ball or toy. Suddenly all the rules have changed. At least in your mind they have. You suddenly call it quits and head in for dinner. Your dog looks quizzical wondering what just happened. In that moment, you just gave up being a pack leader to race into playing with them instead of making it clear that play comes when they are calm, relaxed and responsive. This makes them wonder who is the real boss here?

Remember, being a pack leader is not a part-time job, it's all the time. Your pup is always looking for consistency and structure and without it they will become confused about when to follow your directions and when you're just being buddies.

5) You're tense and nervous around your dog:

In this story, your sister-in-law is one of your least favorite people and you hate when she visits. You can see the disappointment on her face as she glances around the house. To make matters even worse, whenever shes near Sparky, the otherwise well-behaved mixed breed dog he goes crazy as if to point out your poor dog handling skills. But he doesn't know that you and your sister-in-law have problems. He just knows his pack leader is tense and nervous so HE becomes more tense and nervous. Our pups are finely attuned to us, they have been living with us from practically the beginning of time. That's why they need calm, assertive energy to help relax.

Remember, dogs are predators in the wild, so if they become nervous their "flight or fight" response almost always end up being fight. Nervousness in dogs will soon come out as aggression. It's simply how they deal with a problem.

Listen to your dogs and listen carefully for they are trying to tell you what they want. Their needs are really pretty simple, and if you satisfy those, you'll have a happy and harmonious relationship.