Bugs are Good

Hi Fellow Sniffers,

     I wanted to talk about bugs today. It must be a sickness I have but I just can't stop chasing bugs! When my human wakes up in the morning, she opens the back door to let me outside. On the way to the back door I happen to come across some flies buzzing nearby. I of course immediately start chasing them for some reason. I don't know why really, could it be the buzz I hear by my floppy ears?

     My eye sight is very keen and I can spot them from across the room. Sometimes they try to land on my tail which drives me crazy! My human laughs when I try to catch them. I guess she finds it funny that I chase my tail at times. Do you think I have a problem with bugs? Hold on.....let me lap up some of this water in this bowl... ahhh ok better, what was I saying? Oh ya, after I walk on the grass in the backyard and do my business, which I notice my human watching but she quickly turns her head, I continue the hunt for fresh bugs.

     A lot of times I find these chirping jumpers that crawl through the grass. I love to pounce on them and scratch the grass looking for them. For some reason though when I take a little nibble on them they tickle my mouth and I have to shake my head. They don't really taste too good but I can't help myself! Have you ever tasted them? Sometimes I follow my human into the garage and there are these small bugs that I sniff and they roll into a ball? I used to put them in my mouth but they don't really taste too good either. During the Summer time when it's hot outside, I see these bugs flying near me that have long straws sticking from their mouths. Not sure why they use straws? Do they not have tongues like me? Tongues?! Hold on.... "slurp slurp slurp", I like to keep hydrated, you never know when the next bug will fly by.

Well, I have to take a nap now, I love to sleep. I'll let you know my next adventure soon, until then, sniff you later...

Woof Always,