Easter Weekend

Hi All,

Murphy here, just wanted to share my Easter weekend with you.

     I had a great time with my tiny human friends this weekend. We ran around the yard collecting these strange but yummy smelling ovals. The tiny humans were running and screaming and it got me all excited so I ran around with them. I heard NO a lot whenever I would get near these things that they carried the ovals in. I just wanted to help? Apparently, they are NOT toys.

     After a few minutes went by, the oldest of the tiny humans broke open an oval and revealed a goodness I had only dreamed of. It was white and yellow from what they told me, but as far as I could see it was gray and dark gray but no matter, I took a chomp! They laughed as I engulfed it in just a few bites. I wanted more so I followed them and each time they would pick an oval up I would lick my lips and give them my special stare that almost always got me something yummy.

By the end of the day I was exhausted and spent the night cleaning this powdery yellow stuff off my fur. My dreams were filled with ovals that night.

The day had ended but I will never forget the fun I had with the tiny humans and their ovals..

Woof Always,