Murphy's Glad for Spring

Hi Fellow Canines,

     Murphy here, just wanted to let you know about some adventures I've experienced since my last post.

First of all, can you believe all these smells in the air! I'm having to sneeze and lick my nose all the time! I've been laying on the back porch (after emptying my food bowl) watching these brown trees turn green. The doves are back in the yard and I don't have any problems telling them that they're in MY backyard. They fly pretty slow, and at times, I can almost reach them before they fly away. My four legs are strong and I can run very fast but I can never really reach them.

Now the flies in the yard are a lot easier to catch! I often hear them buzzing by my ear as I nap, and with a quick snap of my jaws, I enjoy the small taste they give. My humans tell me not to eat them, but I just can't help it. Bugs are really fascinating to me! Just yesterday, a rollie pollie came walking by me on the porch while I was laying down and with a quick swipe of my paw, he balled up and rolled down the steps into a bush. How do they do that?!

I really miss my buddy Bear. He used to live here with me and my humans and we were the best of friends. He left one day and never came back? I hope he didn't get lost? My human has something on my collar that tells them where I am, I guess Bear didn't have one.

There are some really small humans that come to visit me every now and then. They are really fun to play with! One of them always likes me to lick her face, the other one hates it. At times I like to play with their dolls, but the small humans start to scream at me when I do so I don't mess with them anymore. They love to run with me in my backyard, and they even grab my toys and throw them for me.

Being a hound, I'm a hunter and love to chase things. I always have my nose to the ground...

Thanks for listening to my adventures. I'll let you know if I smell anything new in the area.

Woof Always,