Fuzzy Paws Rewards

Fuzzy Paws Rewards Program

 This Rewards Program will be discontinued on January 1st, 2020

(points can still be redeemed until April 1st, 2020)

Fuzzy Paws Rewards

Welcome to Fuzzy Paws Rewards

We're all about saving you money and time! Our rewards program earns you points(Paws) that you can redeem store-wide. You not only earn "Paws" for purchases but ALSO when you refer a friend, share a product and even just for registering an account here at Fuzzy Creek Pet Supplies. Here is a breakdown on how the program works:

The program is broken into "Tiers". When you first register an account with us, you're placed in the "Base Tier" which earns you 1 Paw for every $1 spent in our store.

The second tier or "Gold Tier" earns you 2 Paws for every $1 spent. This tier is reached automatically when you spend $100 in our store over the course of time.

There are 3 ways to earn Paws:

  1. When you register an account you automatically get 100 Paws which you can redeem right away that gives you a great discount store-wide.
  2. On your Account page, there is a link where you can refer a friend to our store. Copy the link and send away to all your friends! This will earn you 50 Paws when they sign up for an account.
  3. On every Product page near the "Add to Cart" button there is 2 social media icons, Twitter and Facebook. Click those to share on your Social Media pages and earn 5 Paws weekly. This can only be used once a week. Don't worry about keeping track of your Paws, we have that covered. All your Paw info is listed in your Account.

So REGISTER now and start saving Paws for your four-legged family member!!