Signs of a Pack Leader



The 7 Signs:


1) Does your pup seem to follow you around? This is a sign that your dog does in fact see you as the leader. According to some sources, as dog's came from wolves, the wolf pack leader always goes first. And to do otherwise would be a sign of disrespect.

2) They let you walk through the door first? If this is the case, your dog does indeed respect you as the Alpha dog. A dog lower in pack rank in the wild would never allow themselves to enter a cave before the Alpha. The same goes for doors. This also shows they know you're the protector and will handle anything scary that might be lurking on the other side.

3) You get kisses? As dogs are incredibly social and affectionate, this too exemplifies the pecking order of a pack. The more submissive dogs are to the dominant ones, this includes giving them attention by licking their faces. If your fur baby gives you lots of attention, it's because they look up to you and are seeking your approval.

4) They don't steal food away from you? Everyone knows dogs love food. In the wild food represents life and death and dominant dogs get to eat first. A respectful dog will not steal food from you and understands that it's your right to eat first. Your dog should know that it's your decision to pick when they eat and to not steal food or actively beg. It's ok for them to look, they're dogs after all.

5) They leave you a spot on the couch? In the wolf pack, the Alpha always gets the best sleeping and resting spots. You may already notice that your pup KNOWS where you usually sit or sleep in the home. If your pup respects you, they will get up when you come into the room, or better yet, leave your spot alone all together.

6) They break eye contact with you first?  Dogs use eye contact to intimidate each other in the wild according to some. If you've ever scolded your pup, you may have noticed them breaking eye contact first. That's a sign of submission. And that also can mean they are apologetic for whatever they got into or did.

7) They are quiet and calm during stressful moments? One of the most important things about being the pack leader is that your pup trusts you to take care of them and do the job well. This could be not whining or squirming when you're trying to administer medication or provided treatment.


Being the Alpha dog is a big and wonderful responsibility.

So make sure you repay your dog's loyalty

by treating them as they deserve to be treated.


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